Injector Clips & Spacers   

EV1 Connector

'01-'05 Inj EV1 connector to '06 EV6 Harness

HPI-IC-1    $40/set

EV6 Connector

'06-Pres Inj EV6 connector to '01-'05 EV1 Harness

HPI-IC-6    $45/set

Clip + Spacer

'01-'05 Inj EV1 connector to '06 EV6 Harness Clips & Spacers adapting injectors into '06-Pres bikes

HPI-ICS-1   $55

Injector clip and spacer kit can retrofit any 2001-2005 style injector on an 2006-Present bike or 2006-Present injector on an 2001-2005 bike.

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