HPi Milwaukee-Eight® throttle bodies are designed to allow more airflow over the stock 55mm throttle body.  


Offering a 58mm, 62mm and 70mm in size, the HPi throttle bodies are manufactured out of 6061 billet material and include a fully CNC ported aluminum intake manifold.  


Other features include:

  • Stock location for air cleaner bolt pattern

  • Cruise control compatible

  • Includes fresh rubber seals (utilize stock flanges & throttle body bolts)

  • Made in USA

  • Anodized Throttle Body available per request at additional lead time and additional $150

Same routine as the earlier Touring electronic throttle-by-wire units, Horsepower utilizes the stock core electronics, and new units are turned around in about 3-5 business days.


*Stock units are tested when received to ensure stock electronics are working properly, then re-tested after assembly to assure everything was assembled correctly.

The upgrades don’t stop at throttle bodies.  HPi also offers their V2 air cleaner design for the Milwaukee-Eight® models equipped with a contour designed velocity stack for maximum flow, or the Tunnel Ram Elbow kit with a custom HPi cone shape filter.  Upgraded Injectors starting at 6.2 gram per second rating are also available for the larger cubic inch applications.

*Please Read before sending in your unit:

  • Unit must be stripped of all gaskets and mounting hardware (fuel rail, map sensor, injectors) or there will be a $50 disassembly fee.  M8's do not require stock intake to be sent in. Do NOT remove internal electronics.

  • Only 70mm orders can accept 64mm SE cores.  58mm and 62mm throttle body orders must be stock cores.

  • Make sure the unit is packaged in a sturdy box and secure with bubble wrap so it is not damaged in transit.  Any damaged throttle bodies will be returned as is.  It is smart to insure your package with the shipping company.  You do not need to send in the stock manifold.  You will not get back the stock throttle body, the stock unit will be scrapped after we strip out the electronics.

  • Throttle body must be in good working condition before sending in.  If you aren't sure if it works, don't send it in!

M8 Throttle Body Part #'s               M8 Tunnel Ram Part #'s

HPI-58M8-19   $740                       HPI-SM8-TR    $585

HPI-62M8-19   $740                       HPI-62M8-TR  $585
HPI-70M8-19   $795                       HPI-70M8-TR  $640


M8 Manifold Only Part #'s              

HPI-M8-MO      *Stock, 58mm HPi or 62mm HPi Manifold Only   $300      
HPI-M8MO-70   *HPi 70mm Manifold Only                                   $300                  

Purchase a Milwaukee Eight® HPi aluminum, CNC ported intake manifold only.  These fly off the shelf, so allow up to 2 weeks ship time, depending on our current stock.  The manifold only will include an o-ring and two intake seals.  Utilize your stock flanges.  *International shipments will be sent an additional money request for shipping fees.