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HPi Milwaukee-Eight® throttle bodies are designed to allow more airflow over the stock 55mm throttle body.


HPi M8® units are offered in 58mm, 62mm and 70mm size.  The throttle body is manufactured out of 6061 billet material and include a fully CNC ported aluminum intake manifold. 

After stock M8 unit is sent in with work order form, HPi will test stock unit to ensure a working core has been sent in, then build the stock electronics into the new billet throttle body, and lastly re-test the upgraded throttle body and electronics to ensure a proper throttle opening curve.  This typically takes around 3-5 business days depending on parts in stock.   


Other features include:

  • Stock location for air cleaner bolt pattern

  • Cruise control compatible

  • Includes fresh rubber seals (utilize stock flanges & throttle body bolts)

  • Made in USA


HPi Milwaukee-Eight® 58mm Throttle Body

Recommended for 107ci to 114ci 

Part Number HPI-58M8-19   Price $740


HPi Milwaukee-Eight® 62mm Throttle Body

Recommended for 114ci to 131ci

Part Number HPI-62M8-19   Price $740

70mm M8.jpg

HPi Milwaukee-Eight® 70mm Throttle Body

Recommended for 131ci and up

Part Number HPI-70M8-19   Price $795

*Please Read before sending in your stock unit for upgrade:

  • Unit must be stripped of all gaskets and mounting hardware (fuel rail, map sensor, injectors) or there will be a $50 disassembly fee.  M8's do not require stock intake to be sent in. Do NOT remove internal electronics

  • Make sure the unit is packaged in a sturdy box and secure with bubble wrap so it is not damaged in transit.  Any damaged throttle bodies will be returned as is.  It is smart to insure your package with the shipping company.  You do not need to send in the stock manifold.  You will not get back the stock throttle body, the stock unit will be scrapped after we strip out the electronics.

  • Throttle body must be in good working condition before sending in.  If you aren't sure if it works, don't send it in!


Purchase a Milwaukee Eight® HPi aluminum, CNC ported intake manifold only.  HPi's M8® intake manifold will bolt to a stock throttle body with a slight step, no exchange needed, as it's just the manifold upgrade.  The manifold only will include an o-ring and a set of intake seals.  Utilize your stock flanges.  *International shipments will be sent an additional money request for shipping fees. 


HPi Milwaukee-Eight® Manifold Only

Part Number HPI-M8-MO       Price $300
*Fits Stock, 58mm HPi or 62mm HPi

Part Number HPI-M8MO-70   Price $300
*Fits HPi 70mm only


Tunnel Ram_edited_edited.png

One of HPi's newest products, the Tunnel Ram Elbow kit with a custom HPi cone shape filter is also a new upgrade for M8® models. *Not compatible with SE® Throttle Bodies.


Part Number HPI-SM8-TR  Price $585

Part Number HPI-62M8-TR  Price $585
*Use for 58mm & 62mm

Part Number HPI-70M8-TR  Price $640


Add a little more style to your build with custom anodize.  Due to the M8® throttle bodies being a 6061 billet smooth machined unit, they can be sent out for anodizing.  This option adds on an additional $150-$160 and also an additional week lead time.  Popular anodize colors are Black, Gold, Red, Purple and Blue.  Specify add on request and color on downloadable pdf order form above.


The M8® upgrades don’t stop at throttle bodies.  HPi also offers their V2 air cleaner design for the M8® models equipped with a contour designed velocity stack for maximum flow, backing plates to fit stock throttle bodies, HPi 58-62mm and also HPi 70mm throttle bodies.  


Need more fuel delivery?  HPi offers Injectors starting at 6.2 gram per second rating and larger, as well as an Ethanol option injector.

M8 Carbon Side Cover_edited.png

HPi Carbon Fiber throttle body side cover for M8® throttle bodies.  Adds a sharp look to the Tunnel Ram Air Cleaner that exposes the throttle body.  Includes carbon piece only, utilize stock bolts for install.
Part #    M8Carbon     Price  $75

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