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Intake Flanges.jpg
Intake Flanges & Seals

Intake flanges and seals are designed specifically for any head and throttle body combination.  Flanges are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery from aero-space grade billet 6061 aluminum.  They are not prone to cracking or warping like other forged products.

HPI-IF-6L - ’06-later throttle body to ’06-later heads

HPI-IF-6E - ’06-later throttle body to ’05-earlier heads

HPI-IF-5L - ’95-’05 throttle body to ’06-later heads

HPI-IF-19 - ’06-later throttle bodies with 1.900 Intake Port

HPI-IF-6OE - ’06-later stock throttle bodies original equip

HPI-IF-5OE - ’01-’05 stock throttle bodies original equip

HPI-IF-6LS - ’06-later throttle bodies chromoly flanges

HPI-IF-O - ’06-later o-ring flanges for all HPi manifolds

HPI-IF-RS - Set of Replacement Seals Only

M8 Filter.jpg
Air Cleaner Filters

Replacement Air Filters for the Billet-Pro and V2 Air Cleaners.  This includes the filter element only.

E-3300  - V2 for Cable Driven and Throttle-By-Wire Touring models 
                     6.40" X 2.77" Tall
W-3300 - V2 for Milwaukee Eight® models only 6.40" x 2.22" Tall
HD-0800 - Billet-Pro for Cable Driven models, including Sportster®
HD-0818 - Billet-Pro for Throttle-By-Wire Touring models

TR-5433  - Tunnel Ram Air Filter HPi Tapered 5 x 4 x 3.3 Throat

M8 Filter.jpg
Air Cleaner Cleaning Kit

Remove filter and inspect for damage or wear.  Spray liberal amount of cleaner solution on the filter and let it sit for 8-10 minutes to allow the cleaner to work.  Rinse filter gently with water.  DO NOT use high pressure nozzles or a pressure washer.  Normal water pressure from a sink or hose is all that is needed.  Rinse filter until you no longer see soal residue rinsing from the filter.  Place the filter in the sun or someplace dry.  You need to allow enough time for the filter to dry completely.  NEVER use compressed air to dry filters.  Once the filter is dry apply the filter oil.  This is done by applying a bead of oil around the circumference of the filter about 1/4 way down from each edge.  Let the filter sir for approximately 1 hour and the oil should have wicked through the filter to cover the un-oiled areas.  If there are areas where the oil didn't cover well, put a few drops in that area to complete oiling. Your filter is now ready to re-install.








Rebuild Kit 06.jpg
Rebuild Kits

Throttle Body Rebuild Kits for 2001-2005,  2006-'17 Big Twin/Twin Cam, 2008-2016 Big Twins and also Milwaukee Eight® HPi Throttle Body models.  Kits include necessary o-rings, gaskets, seals for replacement rebuild kits.  Vary by model.  






Hurricane Head Adaptor.jpg
Hurricane Head Adapters

Allow us to modify your existing throttle body to accept the Hurricane Heads® manifold with an adapter for both cable driven and throttle-by-wire motorcycles.

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