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V2 Air Cleaners  

** Please allow a minimum of 6-10 days from ship date on new orders.  We are not Amazon, we are a small business, and each order is manually pulled, assembled, packaged in-house.  A tracking number will be emailed to your email address placed with the order.  THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING HPi!**

Maximize your engine’s potential with a high flow air cleaner.  The V2™ high flow air cleaner is equipped with a velocity stack inside to provide the air your engine needs for maximum flow and velocity.  With a flow rate of 428.95cfm @ 28” it is proven for performance.  The billet aluminum air cleaner can be used to enhance the performance of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, while allowing for a super clean look with different cover designs to choose from, or the option to utilize an existing stock cover that can bolt on to front plate with a center bolt pattern.  Accepts either Delphi/CV or Throttle-by-wire bolt pattern, available with or without cover.  **Please allow 10 days for your order to ship.  Lead times may vary depending on amount we get on order each week. We ship orders in the order they are received. Thank you for your patience.**

Silver Front Plate_edited.png


Use this option if you are not planning to purchase a cover.  Otherwise, scroll down to purchase complete kit with cover.


        V2 No Cover
        Part #                   Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-V2CD-1        '01-'17 BT/TC Cable Driven                 $355

  • HPI-V2FBW-1     '08-'16 Big Twin Throttle-By-Wire      $355

  • HPI-V2M8-1        '17-Later Milwaukee 8                        $355
    *Not yet compatible with 2023 CVO or 2024 Touring Models. Coming Soon!



        Air Cleaner With Cover Kits $489  
Cover Part Number and Cover Only Pricing      
        Part #                   Description                                       
        Price $

  • HPI-V2CO-HPi      V2 HPi Laser Cover Only                            $140

  • HPI-V2CO-FYC     V2 F Your Carb Laser Cover Only              $140

  • HPI-V2CO-SF       V2 Skull Flame Laser Cover Only              $140

  • HPI-V2CO-SC       V2 Skull Crack Laser Cover  Only              $140

  • HPI-V2CO-NHPi   V2 Horsepower Inc. No HPi Cover Only     $140

  • HPI-V2CO-PP       V2 Plain High Polish Cover Only                 $140


To Order A Cover Only, Use The Drop Down Box Below:


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