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V2 Air Cleaners  

Maximize your engine’s potential with a high flow air cleaner.  The V2™ high flow air cleaner is equipped with a velocity stack inside to provide the air your engine needs for maximum flow and velocity.  With a flow rate of 428.95cfm @ 28” it is proven for performance.  The billet aluminum air cleaner can be used to enhance the performance of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, while allowing for a super clean look with different cover designs to choose from, or the option to utlize any stock center bolt pattern cover.  Accepts either Delphi/CV or Throttle-by-wire bolt pattern, available with or without cover. 




        V2 No Cover
        Part #                   Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-V2CD-1        '01-'17 BT/TC Cable Driven                 $320

  • HPI-V2FBW-1     '08-'16 Big Twin Throttle-By-Wire      $320

  • HPI-V2M8-1        '17-Later Milwaukee 8                        $320


        Standard Cover Kits
        Part #                   Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-V2CO-C1        V2 Cyclone 1 Cover                            $105

  • HPI-V2CO-C2        V2 Cyclone 2 Cover                            $105

  • HPI-V2CO-MC       V2 Maltese Cross Cover                    $105

  • HPI-V2CO-P          V2 Plain Black Cover                         $105


        Laser Scribe Cover Kits
        Part #                   Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-V2CO-HPi      V2 HPi Laser Cover                            $125

  • HPI-V2CO-FYC     V2 F Your Carb Laser Cover               $125

  • HPI-V2CO-SF       V2 Skull Flame Laser Cover              $125

  • HPI-V2CO-SC       V2 Skull Crack Laser Cover               $125

  • HPI-V2CO-PP       V2 Plain High Polish Cover                $125


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