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There's no better time to become an HPi Dealer!

Reasons why partnering with Horsepower Inc. (HPi) makes sense for your Business:

  1. None of our distributors carry our entire product line.  That means you could be missing out on some products that you could be selling.

  2. Get direct assistance from our team on what products would work best for your applications.

  3. Get your business found with our Dealer Locator page that puts customers at your front door. 

  4. Be the first to get notified on new HPi products.

Reasons why partnering with Horsepower Inc. (HPi) DOESN'T make sense for you:

  1. You are not a registered Business.

  2. You plan to order 1 time.

  3. You cannot meet the $2,500 annual minimum purchase.

  4. You do not have a company website or business email address.