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HPi Performance Stainless Exhausts are 100% handmade in-house, in the USA, TIG welded, and feature a perforated stainless muffler interior.  

  • All sales on exhausts systems are final and cannot be returned under any circumstances as they are all custom made to order.  24+ week *minimum* lead time, if lead time exceeds 24 weeks, orders go in the order they were placed.  Note, it doesn't take 24+ weeks to build one exhausts, the long lead time is due to the amount we have on order, and trying to recover from the National material and labor shortages from the last two years. 

  • A 50% deposit will be required upon ordering over the phone to get you on the schedule, and the remaining balance is due the day it ships.  If you purchase on website, you will pay in full.  International customers can email with part number desired, and EXACT shipping address with phone number also to for a shipping Quote.  You can pay in full by ordering online now.  If you are International, you will be charged the flat shipping rate, and send an additional money request for the difference in additional shipping fees.   

  • Note:  Due to the labor involved, NO announced/advertised or military discounts may be applied to exhausts!  Please do not ask.** 

  • After Installing your Exhaust, clean it to remove all fingerprints or residue so that markings do not burn into exhaust system. See below. 


**NOTE:**  When buying online, you do NOT need to order hardware, clamps or brackets additionally.  The Exhaust will come with everything you need to install.  The extra brackets and hardware are for those who need replacements!**

**If you are ordering online and live in California, your order will be cancelled.  We cannot ship to California.  

** Our lead times right now are longer than expected.  Exhaust lead times are a *minimum* of 24-28 weeks.  By ordering online, you are accepting the noted lead time.  International orders are normally shipped with USPS and the additional shipping charges will be calculated when order is received.  A money request for the additional shipping will be emailed.  Once you have placed your order, you are on the schedule and cannot cancel your order.** 

*DISCLAIMER: NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA ON ANY POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLES!  DISCLAIMER: Emission-related parts for OEM non-emission control system equipped motorcycles as well as slip-on mufflers that mount downstream of and which do not alter the performance of OEM emission related devices are considered legal replacement parts by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB does not, however, permit the use of aftermarket parts that remove or alter OEM emission control devices unless certified by CARB, other than for closed circuit race use only. More California exhaust information is available at


 Part #                 Description                 Price $

HPI-DYEX1-S      HPi Dyna '01-'05        $1,650

HPI-DYEX6-S      HPi Dyna '06+            $1,650


 Part #                 Description                    Price $

HPI-FXREX-S      HPi FXR                          $1,650


   Part #             Description                    Price $
HPI-EXBTS-S     Twin Cam, Shorty           $1,760

HPI-EXBTF-S      Twin Cam Full                $1,980