HPi Performance Exhausts are 100% handmade in USA, TIG welded, and feature a perforated stainless muffler interior.  Each exhaust is available in stainless finish, black cerakote or an "Electro Dip" option that gives a chrome style look. 


All sales on exhausts systems are final and cannot be returned under any circumstances as they are all custom made to order.  8 week *minimum* lead time, after 8 weeks, they go in the order they were placed, longer lead times for black or electro dip coating option. 

**Note:  Due to the labor involved, NO announced/advertised discounts may be applied to exhausts!  Please do not ask. 

Dyna® Exhausts

        Part #                 Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-DYEX1-S      HPiXSDC Stainless Dyna '01-'05      $1,300

  • HPI-DYEX1-B      HPiXSDC Black Dyna '01-'05             $1,450

  • HPI-DYEX6-S      HPiXSDC Stainless Dyna '06+           $1,300

  • HPI-DYEX6-B      HPiXSDC Black Dyna '06+                 $1,450

  • Electro dip option, +$200

FXR® Exhausts

        Part #                 Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-FXREX-S      HPiXSDC Stainless FXR                    $1,300

  • HPI-FXREX-B      HPiXSDC Black FXR                          $1,450

  • HPI-FXREX-BB    Additional bracket for Baker®          $110

Bagger Twin Cam 2007-2016

        Part #                 Description                                              Price $

  • HPI-EXBTS-S     Bagger Twin Cam, Shorty Stainless      $1,300

  • HPI-EXBTS-B     Bagger Twin Cam Shorty, Black             $1,450

  • HPI-EXBTF-S     Bagger Twin Cam Full, Stainless            $1,600

  • HPI-EXBTF-B     Bagger Twin Cam Full, Black                  $1,775

Milwaukee 8® Softail

        Part #                 Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-EXM8S-S     2:1 M8 Softail Stainless                    $1,300

  • HPI-EXM8S-B     2:1 M8 Softail Black                          $1,450

Milwaukee 8® Bagger 2017+

  Part #                       Description                                            Price $

  • HPI-EXM8B-S      Full M8 Bagger      '17+ Stainless      $1,600

  • HPI-EXM8B-B      Full M8 Bagger      '17+ Black            $1,775  

Milwaukee 8® Bagger 2017+

  Part #                       Description                                            Price $

  • HPI-EXM8BS-S   Shorty, M8 Bagger '17+ Stainless      $1,400

  • HPI-EXM8BS-B   Shorty, M8 Bagger '17+ Black            $1,550

*DISCLAIMER: NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA ON ANY POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLES!  DISCLAIMER: Emission-related parts for OEM non-emission control system equipped motorcycles as well as slip-on mufflers that mount downstream of and which do not alter the performance of OEM emission related devices are considered legal replacement parts by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). CARB does not, however, permit the use of aftermarket parts that remove or alter OEM emission control devices unless certified by CARB, other than for closed circuit race use only. More California exhaust information is available at www.arb.ca.gov/.

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