External Breather Systems   

Add an external breather to any air cleaner to help eliminate oil misting on bike and contamination of intake tract with a fully o-ringed design.  Complete with billet and stainless steel purpose built to retro fit any air cleaner that uses a flat mounting back plate.  Allows for a slight misalignment of air cleaner due to head/throttle body fitment issues. *Please note, not yet available for Sportster® units.  Fuel Injected models only.

        Part #                 Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-EBS-CD       Cable Driven Ext Breather                 $90

  • HPI-EBS-FBW    Throttle-By-Wire Ext Breather          $90

  • HPI-EBS-M8       Milwaukee 8® Ext Breather              $90


*Hose Details - 3mm 1/8 ID, High Performance Silicone Vacuum Hose

Install Instructions:

Screw the bolt out of the insert and then pull black spacer off the stainless part and you will see wrench flats for a 9/16 wrench.  Install into head with red loc tite, then install the spacer back on the insert with the nipple side towards the head.  Install back plate, insert bolt back in, do not use loc tite on that bolt.

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