External Breather Systems   

Add an external breather to any air cleaner to help eliminate oil misting on bike and contamination of intake tract with a fully o-ringed design.  Complete with billet and stainless steel purpose built to retro fit any air cleaner that uses a flat mounting back plate.  Allows for a slight misalignment of air cleaner due to head/throttle body fitment issues. *Please note, not yet available for Sportster® units.  Fuel Injected models only.

        Part #                 Description                                          Price $

  • HPI-EBS-CD       Cable Driven Ext Breather                 $90

  • HPI-EBS-FBW    Throttle-By-Wire Ext Breather          $90

  • HPI-EBS-M8       Milwaukee 8® Ext Breather              $90


*Hose Details - 3mm 1/8 ID, High Performance Silicone Vacuum Hose

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