Our American made units provide a crisp throttle response and are flow bench tested for unparalleled dyno-proven performance to increase airflow and to allow for substantial increases in horsepower and torque. 


Each HPi big bore throttle body is fully machined and CNC ported internally for unmatched flow compared to other throttle body manufacturers.  HPi throttle bodies feature a split shaft design that is black zinc coated to prevent corrosion, and completed with a precision sealed roller shaft/bearing assembly.


Other features include factory bolt patterns, most units are fully compatible with stock components for easy installation, including cruise control.  Plus, HPi throttle bodies are offered in many bore sizes that feature extended intake manifold deck lengths and port configurations to match any head configuration.  


HPi Throttle-By-Wire throttle bodies available for 2008-2016 H-D® Big Twins are designed to increase airflow and improve horsepower gains while maintaining compatibility with stock map sensors, fuel rail and cruise control.  Offering 55-58, 58, 62-64 and 68mm sizes to cover any popular build, all CNC machined in-house from high quality 356 aluminum casting and a CNC ported intake manifold.  All orders are placed when stock throttle body is sent in with throttle-by-wire work form.  B2, B3 and Hurricane Head® applications available.

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HPi Milwaukee 8® throttle bodies are available in 58mm, 62mm and 70mm sizes.  The HPi design allows for more airflow over stock (55mm) throttle body through their billet manufactured throttle body and CNC ported intake design.  Other features include stock location for air cleaner bolt pattern, cruise control compatible and made in USA.

Download Work Order Form Here 


HPi Sportster® throttle bodies fit all fuel injected 2007+Sportster® Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.  These units allow for more airflow over the stock 45mm throttle body.  Kit includes a Billet-Pro air cleaner equipped with a K&N® lifetime warranty air filter element (carbon fiber cover sold separately).  Designed to improve horsepower gains between 8-10hp depending on other build modifications.  51mm and 55mm throttle body sizes available with CNC ported intake runner diameters for 1.620 and 1.710 dimensions.


HPi Marelli® throttle bodies fit 1995-2001 Marelli® injected Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.  Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) problems have been solved with this single bore throttle body and intake manifold.  Hard starting and erratic idling issues resolved, and tuning becomes a breeze.  Performance gains are superior to any other conversion system. 

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