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HPi Throttle-By-Wire throttle bodies are designed to increase airflow and improve horsepower gains while maintaining compatibility with stock map sensors, fuel rail and cruise control.  Versions for 2008-2016 H-D® Big Twins, with B2, and B3 options also available.  Offering four different throttle body sizes to cover several build options:

  • 55-58 Max Flow 

  • 58mm Elliptical 

  • 62-64mm Max Flow

  • 68mm Big Bore   

Intake diameter sizes range from stock 1.660, 1.710, 1.730, 1.760, 1.800 and 1.900.  Raised deck heights are also available for specific build modifications.

Official order is placed when stock throttle body is sent in with work order form, 5-10 day turnaround time *Depending on how many arrive each week.  Here's the low down on the process:

  • ​Send in stock throttle body. We make sure the electronics are properly working, then surgically remove them & give the stock body a proper burial RIP

  • We build the original electronics into our 356 aluminum casting throttle body in either a 55-58, 58, 62-64 or 68mm depending on your build modifications.

  • It is built to perfection with double sealed bearings, a brass throttle plate & stainless steel shaft.

  • We then bolt our CNC ported intake manifold with the proper intake port opening size to fit your cylinder heads. 

  • *Please Read before sending in your unit:

  • Unit must be stripped of all gaskets and mounting hardware (fuel rail, map sensor, injectors) or there will be a $50 disassembly fee.  Do NOT remove internal electronics.

  • Make sure the unit is packaged in a sturdy box and secure with bubble wrap so it is not damaged in transit.  Any damaged throttle bodies will be returned as is.  It is smart to insure your package with the shipping company.

  • Throttle body must be in good working condition before sending in.  If you aren't sure if it works, don't send it in!

55 FBW_edited.jpg

55-58mm Max Flow Recommended for 96ci to 107ci


       Part #'s

  • HPI-55FBW-16   $605

  • HPI-55FBW-17   $605

  • HPI-55FBW-73   $605

  • HPI-55FBW-76   $605

  • HPI-55FBW-18   $605

58 FBW_edited.jpg

58mm Elliptical Recommended for 107ci to 124ci 

      Part #'s

  • HPI-58FBW-18   $605 

  • HPI-58FBW-17   $605

  • HPI-58FBW-73   $605 

  • HPI-58FBW-76   $605 

  • HPI-58FBW-18   $605 

  • HPI-58FBW-19   $710


62mmm Max Flow Recommended for 124ci to 131ci

       Part #'s

  • HPI-62FBW-17   $665

  • HPI-62FBW-73   $665

  • HPI-62FBW-76   $665

  • HPI-62FBW-18   $665

  • HPI-62FBW-19   $750

68 fbw.jpg

68mm Big Bore Recommended for highly modified 124ci +

       Part #'s

  • HPI-68FBW-76   $665

  • HPI-68FBW-18   $665

  • HPI-68FBW-19   $750

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